Photo was taken on 7/3/2010 at Memory Lane, Ipoh.

"Salaam Alekum"
Every single time when i look at this photo it makes me think whether i
Should or Shouldn't
help the orphanage..
How much fund do the orphanage NEED per YEAR??
Are there any GOVT. & NGO bodies playing their parts in giving helping hands??
I guess, the fund given were not ENOUGH (its not easy to fulfill every needs)..Noted..
But is this the right way to gain MONEY??
I mean by sending the kids to the FLEA MARKET to earn a living by asking them to beg for money..
or even worst when the kids were asked to beg till midnight..
If anything happen to these kids, who is going to be responsible??
Do they have their time to finish up their school homework??
I do believe that, Education can improve their style of living..
Is this the decision made by the GODFATHER and GODMOTHER??
Yes, i do agree to help by donating some amount of money...
...but not in this kind of way...
Why the kids were asked to beg at the flea market instead of teaching them to do a small business...
Begging is not a solution...
Begging will not teach the kids to be independent...
Until when do they need to be dependent on others...
People will help, if things are done in a right way..

(I'm Sorry..I might be to harsh, I might be wrong, but this is from my point of view)



Aizat Si Lipan said...

itu la..kdg2 kita pn xtau yg mana betul..dunia skunk ni bersangka baik aje la..huhu

adamhussary said...

Yalah..aku harap budak2 ni dapat laa hak mereka..jgn pergi cari duit sini sana tp dapat pada org lain..

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