Money Can't Buy Me LOVE

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Flowers In The Window

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Happy Mother's Day


..Mama, Thank You for your LOVE and SUPPORT..
..UTMOST besides LOVE is giving me EDUCATION..
..I really APPRECIATE it..
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Ancient Architecture versus Minimalist Architecture

Waterfront, KCH


UNIMAS, Kota Samarahan

Let me be straight, this gonna be a tough tie..
I like to see creative hand works by the ancient people...
They really put "lots lots lots" of effort on their design...
But still, i LOVE my varsity so much no matter how it looks like..


..I miss you guys in Sarawak..

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Photo was taken on 7/3/2010 at Memory Lane, Ipoh.

"Salaam Alekum"


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A Decade Under The Influence

By Taking Back Sunday...

Both of these pictures were taken on Sunday..
What happened to OUR people??
Young & Hopeless...
Who is to BLAME...

"Well, I've got a BAD feeling about this...
...You kept still until the long drive HOME..
...You slept SAFE and close to the window..
...CLOSE your eyes just SETTLE, SETTLE..
...To HELL with you and ALL your FRIENDS..."


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"Back To The Start"

It's never too late to start a new BEGINNING

How to start?Where and When to start?

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