Scar Tissue..

Taken by Me on 28/03/08, Matang Wild Life National Park, Sarawak

While I'm sorting Documents in my PC, i found this picture in a folder "STH 3023"..
It reminds me of Captive Breeding subject that i took from
Faculty of Research Science and Technology.

According to the keeper at the national park, this poor little cat had been bitten by a snake on its leg. It left no options for the Veterinar to save the cat's life, but to cut off the infected leg.
Luckily it can survive from the agony.
Two thumbs up for the good work!!
THANK YOU for saving the EARTH most adorable creature..

..Cat has 9 lives..

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" Salaam Alekum', Ha-i, Mayo, Bula Vinaka, Goedendag, Shalom, Namaste, Sawubona.. "

Have you imagine, how many people are saying "hello" to each other everyday?
In how many different language?

There are currently 6,913 living language that are used by 6,769,540,000(rapidly growing) people in the world as of 2009 which separated by the Continents/States/Regions/Ethnics.

I would like take this opportunity to greet
Salaam Alekum' which bring the meaning of "Peace upon You" to all the people out there whoever drop by to read my blog.

I do hope this blog can be a medium for us to share our common interest, thoughts and any different points of view.

Thank you for your valuable time..

" I'm writing to reach You"

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